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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Tourist SPOILERS!! :)

So like two days ago I saw the tourist
It was ok
not the best Johnny Depp movie i've seen
but it wasn't terrible
If you haven't seen the tourist then i don't suggest reading this
unless you are sure you aren't going to see it I would suggest not reading this
So the movie was a little boring
you know at the beginning of movies when you are waiting for something exiting to happen?
well like half of the movie was like that
So that was bad
also Angelina Jolie's fake British accent was terrible
Johnny's was ok, but it made it better that it was supposed to be fake
now their chemistry was another story
They had absolutly NONE
it was rediculous
so lets talk about the ending shall we?
so the ending was actually the part i liked
i liked the twist that he was alexander and was fooling them all
I sort of predicted it, but my mom didn't think so so maybe that was just me
so anyway if you can get past the bad accents and bad chemistry it was a pretty good movie :)
(oh btw this was supposed to be posted yesterday, but their were posting issues)

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