Make as many friends as you can

Make as many friends as you can...then deal with the rest

Monday, December 20, 2010

oops forgot something...

Ok so I totally forgot.
so as you can see there is a picture of
the wiggles on this post
I'm starting a thing where every week
 I have a post called
"Funny things you loved when you were little"

(i'll try to shorten that)
So i'll show TV shows we watched, Movies, Music etc.
So the first one is the wiggles :)
i think everyone remembers the fruit salad song!
watch it and laugh at your childhood and
what you thought was cool when you were little

haha plastic knives :)
I just want to keep in mind that i'm only 13
so when I say little I mean ages 0-10
so this will be fads and stuff from the 90s (kinda)
but mostly the 2000's
If you have any suggestions
put it in the comments below :)
hope you like it!

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