Make as many friends as you can

Make as many friends as you can...then deal with the rest

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Children's Obsessions

So i forgot to do this yesterday
so I will do it today!
So today I kind of have 2
but they go together
so the 2 areee...
All That and The Amanda Show!!

So these shows were in the middle/ end of their era when i was 5-8 ish
I wish they still played though
these shows are like snl but more kid friendly
they were soooo... funny!
i don't even know how to explain them
so just watch these videos to see some of the funniest parts :)
(there is a lot, so enjoy!)

 the girls room! the dare show :) a hillbilly moment judge trudy!totally kyle (i love drake bell :)stuart the hall monitor GOOD BURGER!! everyday french with pierre escargot :D

hope you laughed your head off at you childhood :)

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