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Friday, December 24, 2010

Eloise at Christmastime

 haha I love nanny, but why doesn't she have a name?

 Bill :)


 My favorite scene :)

 the book that started it all!

It's almost Christmas!!
So I just watched Eloise at Christmastime
and I completely forgot how much I love that movie!
I mean its just wonderful
I have always loved Eloise
I used to read the books so much when I was little and I loved them and I still love them
but the christmas one is by far my favorite
my favorite part of the movie is when Bill and Rachel are dancing on the piano
it just makes me smile
Bill is by far my favorite character in the movie
I love his personality
his face :), his smile, everything
yea so watch Eloise at Christmastime!
so tomorrow is Christmas! YAY!
haha i'll probably write sunday so have a nice Christmas!

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